• Join Us in Supporting Kathy’s Indiegogo Fundraiser

    bicycleKathy Roche-Wallace is at it again! The inspiring endurance cyclist and motivational speaker will be taking on the 2015 Race Across America (RAAM) on June 16th and she’s asking our community for some help.

    Kathy is a 54 year old mother of six and grandmother of five, and in 2011 she became the first woman in the 30 year history of RAAM to finish the race in the 50+ division. She is the current solo record holder and also took home the award for Queen of the Mountains.

    Kathy hopes to defend her title at the 2015 RAAM, but her 3,000 mile journey dreams need a little help. She is currently raising funds to support a crew team and to complete her training. Kathy is also using this platform as an opportunity to raise money and awareness about a rare form of childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma.

    Please join us in supporting Kathy’s Indiegogo Fundraiser and donate to her cause at www.GoKathyGo.com! For more information about Kathy and her fundraising needs, please visit GoKathyGo as well.

  • National Bike Month and Bike to Work Week

    With the warmer months coming up, we’d like to bring focus to something other than our high-performance and stylish vehicles that you’re used to reading about. Instead, we’ll turn our attention to National Bike Month, which we’re celebrating here at College Chevy Buick all month long!

    There are many benefits to biking, such as saving money on gas, being earth-friendly, getting exercise, and just the pure enjoyment you get from feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your back. Whatever your reason, try to get out and enjoy a change of pace. In addition to National Bike Month, Bike to Work Week is this week, May 13-17. A nice bike ride to work would provide some great exercise and that perfect jolt to help you kick-start your day.


    Here at College Chevrolet Buick, we take biking very seriously, which is why we paired up with Kathy Roche-Wallace to sponsor her in her “Race Across America”. During her ride “she will ride 3,000 miles across 12 states and climb over 170,000 vertical feet, trying to average about 250 miles per day to finish in the allotted 12 day time period.” Pretty incredible stuff, if you ask us!

    As always, remember to always be safe out there when riding your bike. Wear your helmet and signal when you are making a turn. If you are riding at night, make sure to have lights on your bike and wear bright attire. Now get out there and go enjoy yourself!


  • College Chevrolet Buick’s Salute to Women’s History Month

    If you were unaware, March is Women’s History Month. And at College Chevrolet Buick we want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank women all over the world for their contributions to society.

    While there are a number of women we would like to feature, we’re going to stick to one for this blog.


    Alice Ramsey, a Vassar College graduate and New Jersey native, was the first woman to drive across from coast to coast across the United States. Ramsey completed the historic journey in 1909, in a 30 horsepower 19009 Maxwell DA. She didn’t travel alone on this trip, Ramsey was accompanied by her two sisters-in-law and one of her young friends.

    In the days before GPS, smartphones, and paved roads, Alice Ramsey trekked on using the Blue Book series of automotive guides. The guide provided landmarks for her trip, however without satellite imagery and all the technologies of today these landmarks often became out of date rather quickly.

    The trip took Ramsey and company 59 days Manhattan to San Francisco. In a show of the times, record setting endurance athlete, Kathy Roche-Wallace, will ride nearly the same distance on a bicycle in less than two weeks.

    Ramsey is one of many amazing women of past, present, and future and we at College Chevrolet Buick just wanted to take time to retell her story. You can read more about Alice Ramsey journey here.

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that Kathy Roche-Wallace is looking for two people to join her crew for the RAAM. It promises to be a unique experience, traveling across the country, seeing breath-taking sites, and learning a great deal about cycling and the strength of the human body. If you’re interested you can email Kathy at, kroche1@wowway.com.

  • Go Kathy Go – Race Across America

    To those unfamiliar with cycling, riding 3,000 miles in a maximum of 12 days may seem like a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry, your assumptions are correct; Race Across America (RAAM) is a daunting task and Marshall’s Kathy Roche-Wallace is up for the challenge and College Chevrolet Buick is tagging along to help.


    Many are familiar with the more publicized Tour de France, but RAAM is not to be confused with the Tour.  There are no stages, it’s a race. Once that clock starts in California, it doesn’t stop until you cross the finish line in Maryland. That’s right, California to Maryland in 12 days. Did we mention RAAM is about 30% longer than the Tour de France and you have about half as many days to finish?

    Now that we’ve offered a bit of insight into what Kathy will be facing this June, why don’t we give you a little background on what she’s already accomplished?

    Let’s start with the RAAM, in 2011 Kathy set the solo female 50+ course record in her first year participating in the event(RAAM is now in its 31st year).

    Kathy is a 5-time USA Ultra Triple Ironman Triathlon World Competition women’s division winner. She has also won as part of a two-person co-ed team.

    Not to mention she was an All-American and holds several records at Olivet College, just to name a few accomplishments.

    To aid Kathy during the race we’re providing Kathy and her team 2 vehicles, a follow vehicle to keep Kathy on the right path and a support vehicle that will house important equipment, food, clothing, etc for the nearly two week journey. Make sure to check out GoKathyGo.com for more of Kathy’s accomplishments, and be sure to keep checking our blog for more information on Kathy Roche-Wallace and her journey toward another Race Across America!