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    Summer Car Maintenance Tips

    After a long, cold winter, your Buick or Chevy is ready to come out of hibernation and enjoy the sunshine on the open road. Before you take that long-awaited summer road trip, however, follow our service department’s summer car maintenance tips to ensure you avoid drama on the road.

    Cool Down: Though working air conditioning is important for your comfort as temperatures rise during the summer, the AC is also a vital safety concern. If you get too hot, you can lose your faculties and possibly get into an accident. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick if you need your air conditioning recharged or checked out.

    Tread Lightly: Summer heat is rough on tires, which is why you should always inspect your wheels before going on a long trip. Heat causes friction, which leads to premature tire wear and unexpected blowouts. Make sure your tires are free from punctures, cracks, or bulges, and bring them to College Chevy Buick immediately if they don’t pass your inspection.

    See Clearly: After winter’s dry, frigid temperatures alternating with slushy sleet from the sky, your windshield wipers could probably use a change this summer. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick so we can replace your wipers and help you see clearer during summer downpours.

    Call College Chevrolet Buick today to schedule a summer tune-up for your vehicle.