• Spring Car Care

    These Spring Car Care Tips Make Your Car Feel Like New

    Spring car care is key to starting your car out on the right foot for the rest of the year. Check out these three simple tips to getting started!

    Do some spring cleaning

    Deep-cleaning your ride means starting with the inside. Clear out any trash or clutter you may have thrown into the cabin of your vehicle, making sure you remember the trunk, and then it’s time to get out the cleaning supplies. Scrub dirt out of the deepest corners, wash the floor mats, vacuum, and buy specialized supplies for cleaning or wiping down cloth or leather seats.

    Wash and wax the exterior

    There’s a reason the image of soaping up and hosing down your car in the driveway gives us warm-weather nostalgia. It’s the right time of year to get out a couple buckets, one for soapy water and one for rinsing, and go to town. Make sure to buy special soap that won’t corrode your vehicle. Finish off with a new coat of wax for fresh shine.

    Do routine maintenance

    You should be keeping up with your maintenance schedule anyway, but a few things are a little more important come spring. First of all, swap out your streaky old wiper blades. Then, check out your tire pressure, which lowers more rapidly in cool temperatures, and follow up by taking your car to a professional and having them inspect the engine and suspension.

    Prefer a hands-off approach? Bring your car to College Chevrolet Buick, where we’ll make sure it’s ready for the spring and summer!