• Michigan Likely to Allow Self-Driving Vehicle Testing

    Michigan will be one of four states that allow the testing of autonomous vehicles
    as long as the governor signs off on the bills approved by legislature. The hope is that research and development taxes pertaining to automobiles stay in Michigan.

    Although the autonomous cars will have to have a driver behind the wheel, for security measures, manufacturers will be able to start testing these cars on Michigan roads. Lawmakers say that the test vehicles will have to carry an “M” on the license plate to distinguish them from other vehicles.

    The University of Michigan has high hopes that Ann Arbor will become the first U.S city with a fleet of autonomous vehicles. Peter Sweatman, director of U-M Transportation Research Institute, states “we want to demonstrate fully driverless vehicles operating within the whole infrastructure of the city within an eight-year timeline and to show that these can be safe, effective and commercially successful.”

    Kirk Steudle, director of Michigan’s DOT hopes that autonomous vehicles will help prevent accidents and bring down the costs of highway infrastructure.

    Do you think autonomous cars will ever be available on the market for consumer purchase? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  • Tax Breaks for Michigan Car Buyers

    Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan law makers struck a deal which includes tax breaks for Michigan car buyers. When Michigan residents buy a new car with a trade-in they will not have to pay sales tax on the full price of the car. They will only pay the sales tax on the car after the value of the trade-in has been subtracted from the selling price.

    Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said “I’m excited because we’re giving something back to the average consumer. We’re telling people that financially we’re in good shape and we’re going to share the wealth so to speak a little bit with the people who put the tax money here is Lansing to begin with.”

    Previously, Michigan was one of six states who made car buyers pay taxes on the full price of the car without subtracting the value of the trade-in. On October 22nd, the Senate voted 38-0 to change up the previous law.

    Being a car dealership in Michigan, we are happy to see that the state government is helping out the residents. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, please stop by and see us in Albion! Visit our website to value your trade-in.

  • GM Names Mary Barra as CEO

    After a great comeback from the economic downturn, Dan Akerson announced his retirement from the CEO position as of January 15th. He will be succeeded by Mary Barra who is currently GM’s head of global product development. Barra will be the first woman ever to be named CEO of a major U.S automaker.

    Barra has big plans when it comes to the future of the company and Akerson says that a woman in the CEO position will be good for the company as a whole. With increased company diversity comes fresh new ideas.

    Mary Barra is from Michigan and is the daughter of a GM tool-and-die maker. People who know her personally, say that she is very down to earth and remains true to her Michigan roots. She has been a part of the GM family since 1980.

    As a Chevrolet and Buick dealership in Michigan, we are excited that GM’s new CEO comes from our state! We look forward to everything she plans on bringing to the table. To learn more about Mary Barra and her journey to the top, check out USA today or Car and Driver.

  • Assemble a Winter Emergency Roadside Kit


    Navigating the roads during a Michigan winter can mean really knowing your stuff. If you’re going to own a car in Albion, you should also own a well-packed winter emergency roadside kit. The guys here at College Chevy put together our must-haves for winter driving. Be safe out there!


    Stay Warm When Stranded – The biggest threat of winter car trouble is keeping warm. Keep a warm winter coat in the car and a Mylar blanket that can add emergency warmth. It’s easy for socks and gloves to get soaked and cold very quickly when working on the car, so pack extra pairs to keep you going.


    Night Time Disasters – Should you find yourself in a snow bank after dark, you’ll need a few special items to get back on the road. Pack flashlights that can be cranked back to life instead of relying on batteries.


    Tools of the Trade – Imagine yourself on the side of the road, stranded because you lack just one simple tool. Assemble a task force of tools to help you out of any situation. Not only will you need typical roadside tools like a car jack and jumper cables, but vice grips, a wrench, and even a screwdriver could come in handy. As always, don’t forget the duct tape.


    Keep it Together – Put all of your emergency kit supplies in one sealable case to make sure that your items don’t get misplaced before you need them. The last thing you want in an emergency is to fumble around with your supplies. Be sure it is organized and ready to go when you need it most.