• Buick Spring Line

    The New York International Auto Show begins March 29th and will be the first chance for the public to get up close and personal with the newest Buicks.

    Early this week Buick announced updates to the 2014 LaCrosse and 2014 Regal.

    Both Buick Regal and LaCrosse will introduce a multitude of new safety features, including rear cross traffic, lane change, side blind zone, and forward collision alerts, in addition to lane departure warning.

    The exterior has also been tweaked on these two models for 2014. Regal will feature new front and rear styling enhancement to the LED daytime running lamps and LED taillamps. LaCrosse also made changes to the LED lighting with wing-shaped taillamps.

    Along with new safety features the 2014 Buick LaCrosse will also have an added interior option, the Ultra Luxury Interior Package. This package features sangria seating color with ebony accents and semi-aniline leather seats and trim. Truly an elegant display.


    On the 2014 Buick Regal Turbo expect more power. Regal Turbo is equipped with a new 2.0L turbo engine pumping out 18 percent more horsepower.


    College Chevrolet Buick looks forward to seeing these luxurious beauties on our lot in the summer, so make sure you stop by for a glance and a test drive 🙂

  • Mark Your Calander: 2014 Chevy Camaro SS

    Chevrolet has done some major design changes in the past 2 years. From Silverado to Traverse, Impala to Corvette, and even bringing out the new SS, but on March 27th at 12:45 the redesigned Chevy Camaro SS will be on display.

    The fifth-generation Camaro has been the most popular sports car in America for three consecutive years, a large part of this may be attributed to the Camaro’s debut in the blockbuster hit Transormers.

    This edition of the Chevy Camaro is scheduled to be the most significant change to the fifth-gen Camaro. A quick teaser image of the 2014 Camaro SS is below, but we it would be a shame to mention the Camaro without mentioning its legacy.


    Camaros are built to an incredibly high standard. The name itself sparks images of speed and performance. Camaro has become synonymous with precision and power. It is to these expectations that Camaros are built and judged. Chevrolet has done a magnificent job building on the image of the Camaro that was created long ago and we can’t wait to see what they’ve done with newest Chevy Camaro.
    For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this Camaro’s Greatest Hits video circa 2012.

    Images Courtesy of © General Motors

  • Bracket Madness

    That special time of year when the snow has melted, the temperature begins to rise, flowers start to peak out of the ground, and the most exciting college basketball action takes place. Well, at least the last part of that is true for this year. The NCAA tournament is back and College Chevrolet is on top of it with our Bracket Madness Challenge!


    Each year you probably fill out a bracket or two and chip in a couple of bucks, only to see that cinderalla team complete vanquish your chances in round 1. This year save yourself a few dollars and enter Bracket Madness.

    Visit www.collegechevy.com/ccbmadness or our group on cbssports.com. Just register and join the College Chevrolet Buick group, our password is ccbmadness.

    Having trouble filling everything out on cbssports.com? No problem. Email your bracket to collegechevy@gmail.com and we’ll update it for you.

    Sure testing your basketball acumen against others is a blast, but what’s the prize? College Chevrolet Buick is giving away a $50 gift card to Cascarelli’s! That’s right, just for showing that you know more about hoops than the guy down the street you could earn a free meal at a great family restaurant.

    So what are you waiting on? There are only two days to go before the tournament starts. To keep you up-to-date on all scores, we’ll be tweeting (@CollegeChevy) score finals and updates throughout the tournament. Use the hashtag #CCBMadness to join the conversation.

  • College Chevrolet Buick’s Salute to Women’s History Month

    If you were unaware, March is Women’s History Month. And at College Chevrolet Buick we want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank women all over the world for their contributions to society.

    While there are a number of women we would like to feature, we’re going to stick to one for this blog.


    Alice Ramsey, a Vassar College graduate and New Jersey native, was the first woman to drive across from coast to coast across the United States. Ramsey completed the historic journey in 1909, in a 30 horsepower 19009 Maxwell DA. She didn’t travel alone on this trip, Ramsey was accompanied by her two sisters-in-law and one of her young friends.

    In the days before GPS, smartphones, and paved roads, Alice Ramsey trekked on using the Blue Book series of automotive guides. The guide provided landmarks for her trip, however without satellite imagery and all the technologies of today these landmarks often became out of date rather quickly.

    The trip took Ramsey and company 59 days Manhattan to San Francisco. In a show of the times, record setting endurance athlete, Kathy Roche-Wallace, will ride nearly the same distance on a bicycle in less than two weeks.

    Ramsey is one of many amazing women of past, present, and future and we at College Chevrolet Buick just wanted to take time to retell her story. You can read more about Alice Ramsey journey here.

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that Kathy Roche-Wallace is looking for two people to join her crew for the RAAM. It promises to be a unique experience, traveling across the country, seeing breath-taking sites, and learning a great deal about cycling and the strength of the human body. If you’re interested you can email Kathy at, kroche1@wowway.com.