• Save Fuel When Driving | Albion, MI

    3 Tips to Save Fuel When Driving in Albion, MI

    If you do a lot of driving around Calhoun County, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to on gasoline. That’s why getting the best fuel economy is a priority for many of us here in southern Michigan. To conserve gas and get better mileage from your Buick or Chevrolet vehicle, here are some easy ways to save fuel when driving in Albion.

    Lose the extra weight

    If you’ve filled your vehicle’s trunk, truck bed, or back seat with heavy items that you don’t need on a daily basis, get rid of that useless weight. All that heavy equipment weighs down your car, which requires more gas to move. According to the U.S. EPA, “An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your MPG by about 1 percent.” Clean out your car and remove any unnecessary items.

    Use cruise control

    To save fuel when driving on I-94, M-99, or Michigan Avenue, use your car’s cruise control as much as possible. The more frequently you accelerate and brake, the more gas your vehicle consumes. Keeping your speed consistent greatly contributes to its efficiency.

    Accelerate slowly

    When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to hit the gas pedal hard and peel out when you’re at a traffic light. But, the more rapidly your car accelerates, the more gas it burns. Instead, conserve fuel by slowly accelerating and braking, coasting when possible to use momentum to your advantage. 

    Want to drive a fuel-efficient truck or SUV in Albion? Visit College Chevrolet Buick and check out our current inventory of eco-friendly models that are big on performance but light on gas.


  • summer car maintenance | Albion, MI

    Summer Car Maintenance Tips

    After a long, cold winter, your Buick or Chevy is ready to come out of hibernation and enjoy the sunshine on the open road. Before you take that long-awaited summer road trip, however, follow our service department’s summer car maintenance tips to ensure you avoid drama on the road.

    Cool Down: Though working air conditioning is important for your comfort as temperatures rise during the summer, the AC is also a vital safety concern. If you get too hot, you can lose your faculties and possibly get into an accident. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick if you need your air conditioning recharged or checked out.

    Tread Lightly: Summer heat is rough on tires, which is why you should always inspect your wheels before going on a long trip. Heat causes friction, which leads to premature tire wear and unexpected blowouts. Make sure your tires are free from punctures, cracks, or bulges, and bring them to College Chevy Buick immediately if they don’t pass your inspection.

    See Clearly: After winter’s dry, frigid temperatures alternating with slushy sleet from the sky, your windshield wipers could probably use a change this summer. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick so we can replace your wipers and help you see clearer during summer downpours.

    Call College Chevrolet Buick today to schedule a summer tune-up for your vehicle.

  • best apps for commuters | Albion, MI

    Best Apps for Commuters

    All it takes is a quick scroll through your smartphone’s app store to see just how many app options there are out there. Whether you’re looking for apps for long drives or a simple driving app, we’ve put together a list of some of the best apps for commuters out there to help make your daily drive that much easier.




    If you’re a commuter that also has to keep track of your business driving expenses, then MileIQ is the app for you. This app will use your smartphone’s clock and GPS to automatically track and log your trips, keeping track of total miles driven so you can easily track your expenses. It will even allow you to categorize trips as business, personal, or charity, and then quickly export the data to an IRS-compliant expense spreadsheet — how great does that sound?


    Pocket Casts


    Podcasts are a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck in traffic, so why not make sure you’re listening to the best ones for you? Pocket Casts allows you to catch up on your favorite content without having to worry about ads — and you can even find the right new podcast for you. It’s easy to use and has a range of genres available, including sports, news, entertainment, education, politics, and more.


    Using your favorite smartphone apps is easier than ever thanks to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Visit College Chevrolet Buick to discover our inventory of cars equipped with these smartphone-friendly technologies.

  • Clean And Sanitize Your Car | College Chevrolet Buick in Albion, MI

    Tips for Sanitizing Your Car Against COVID-19

    Medical experts are currently recommending disinfecting surfaces to protect from coming in contact with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Here are some suggestions to keep your car clean and safe.

    Clean hard surfaces

    Disinfectant wipes, as well as regular hand or dishwashing soap,p takes care of the coronavirus, so there is no need to buy fancy cleaners. Simply wipe down the dashboard, interiors door panels, and all exterior handles. Pay special attention to the areas where aerosolized droplets would be likely to fall when people sneeze or cough inside the car. Make sure to disinfect frequently touched areas such as the steering wheel and shifting knob.


    Touch screens need special treatment. Do not wipe them directly with disinfectant wipes. Instead, spray an alcohol-based product made for electronics onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen.

    Clean fabric and leather

    Don’t forget the seats, especially if you have small children. Use a bleach-free fabric or leather cleaner to keep upholstered seats clear of the virus. If you don’t have a special leather cleaner, use a conditioner after wiping the leather seats.

    Be prepared

    Carry disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in the car for easy clean-ups while you are out. When you get home, wash your hands and put on gloves before disinfecting your vehicle.

    For more comprehensive vehicle service, make sure to visit College Chevrolet Buick’s service department!

  • Spring Car Care

    These Spring Car Care Tips Make Your Car Feel Like New

    Spring car care is key to starting your car out on the right foot for the rest of the year. Check out these three simple tips to getting started!

    Do some spring cleaning

    Deep-cleaning your ride means starting with the inside. Clear out any trash or clutter you may have thrown into the cabin of your vehicle, making sure you remember the trunk, and then it’s time to get out the cleaning supplies. Scrub dirt out of the deepest corners, wash the floor mats, vacuum, and buy specialized supplies for cleaning or wiping down cloth or leather seats.

    Wash and wax the exterior

    There’s a reason the image of soaping up and hosing down your car in the driveway gives us warm-weather nostalgia. It’s the right time of year to get out a couple buckets, one for soapy water and one for rinsing, and go to town. Make sure to buy special soap that won’t corrode your vehicle. Finish off with a new coat of wax for fresh shine.

    Do routine maintenance

    You should be keeping up with your maintenance schedule anyway, but a few things are a little more important come spring. First of all, swap out your streaky old wiper blades. Then, check out your tire pressure, which lowers more rapidly in cool temperatures, and follow up by taking your car to a professional and having them inspect the engine and suspension.

    Prefer a hands-off approach? Bring your car to College Chevrolet Buick, where we’ll make sure it’s ready for the spring and summer!

  • Great Car-Related Gifts for Mother’s Day

    car-related gifts for Mother’s Day

    If you’re trying to think of the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’re here to help! If your mother, mother-in-law, or wife is a car fanatic, then we’re here with some suggestions for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

    Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

    If your mom is a do-it-yourself person, this complete car care kit is the perfect gift. It includes microfiber wash mitts, a liquid wax, and everything else your mom needs to make her car look like new.

    Neonetics Cars and Motorcycles Corvette C6 Neon Wall Clock

    Chevy Corvettes hold a special place in many car-lovers’ hearts, and if your mom loves Corvettes, she’ll love this clock. It has distinct Corvette branding and a bright, neon outline.

    Cargo Management Systems

    Additional cargo space always helps! You can check out Chevy accessories like the GearONTM Cargo Management System or Roof Rack Cross Rail Packages. Buick offers plenty of cargo accessories, too, like Roof Rack Cross Rail Packages or an Integrated Cargo Liner.

    Assist Steps

    Assist steps are the perfect addition to large vehicles. Molded Assist Steps as well as Rectangular Assist Steps can be added to the Buick Envision and Buick Enclave, while Round Assist Steps and Off-Road Step Bars are perfect for Chevy vehicles.

    Spar. Saa Inverted Umbrella

    This inverted umbrella has a comfortable c-shaped handle, and, best of all, won’t get the car’s interior wet! The wet layer of the umbrella folds into the dry layer when you close it, keeping everything dry!

    If you want to get the mother in your life the ultimate car-related gift for Mother’s Day, bring her into College Chevrolet Buick and let her take her pick from the hottest vehicles we have in our showroom.

  • Tips on Driving Safely in the Rain

    Tips on Driving Safely in the Rain in Albion, MIWhile we all love that April showers bring May flowers, spring rains can make driving a bit less pleasant. Rain can reduce visibility and traction on the road, but there’s no reason to worry — with a few simple spring driving practices, you’ll be all set. Here are some tips on driving safely in the rain.

    • Check windshield wiper blades and tires before hitting the road: If your windshield wipers are damaged from winter’s snow and ice, you should replace them, as damaged blades can streak and reduce visibility. You should also check your tires and make sure they have adequate tread depth, as this will help you maintain traction and control on the road.
    • Drive more slowly and increase your following distance: Travelling at lower speeds makes hydroplaning less likely, so it’s important to slow down when there’s water on the road. You should also avoid hard braking, quick turns, and increase your following distance from the car in front of you.
    • Stay calm if your car skids: If your car skids, you will want to stay calm and continue steering your vehicle in the direction you want it to travel. You should also avoid slamming on the brakes, as this decreases your control and stability on the road.

    For all of your spring maintenance needs, bring your vehicle into College Chevrolet Buick and let our expert technicians take care of you.


  • Tips on How to Transport a Christmas Tree

    Tips on How to Transport a Christmas TreeChristmas trees are a staple of the holiday season that kids love, and nothing beats the wonderful scent of pine that fills up your home when you bring home a real tree. But getting it home can be tricky, so we’ve put together some tips on how to transport a Christmas tree that will keep you and your car safe.


    Always bring with you a tarp or blanket, work gloves, and bungee cords or something else to strap the tree down to your roof. This is the easiest way to transport a tree home without getting your interior covered in sap and stay needles, especially if you have a small vehicle.

    Cover the roof

    Lay down the tarp on the roof — you don’t want sap getting stuck to your paint job and drying in the cold. Secure it as best you can to keep it from flapping around and obscuring visibility while you drive.

    Positioning the tree

    Load the tree onto the roof with the trunk facing the front of the car, and make sure it’s positioned in the center of the car to help it stay stable while you drive.

    Make sure you’re wearing thick gloves when handling a tree! Pine needles are called needles for a reason, and the bark can rough up your hands too.

    Securing the tree

    Wrap your bungee cord or rope around the tree first, then pull it through your roof rails to secure it. If you don’t have roof rails, you can secure it to the inside of your car through the windows.

    Why not start your holiday shopping early by getting yourself a little something nice, like a new SUV or truck from College Chevrolet Buick? They’re perfect for transporting your Christmas tree.