Must Have Items in your Car

Unfortunately flat tires and dead batteries happen. When on the road it is important to remain safe and prepared for any situation that may arise. Here is a list of must have items… just in case!

  • Jumper Cables – If you or a friend has a dead battery while out on the road, you will be happy you had these.
  • Fuses – These can help fix many common electrical problems.
  • Flashlight – Need to check something under the hood at night?
  • Tire Pressure Gauge – Tire Pressure should be checked once a month.
  • First-Aid Kit – For minor cuts and scrapes a first-aid kit always comes in handy.
  • Tire Changing Tools – Getting a flat is horrible, but having the right tools will help you get back on the road quickly.
  • Old Cellphone – An old cellphone could be of great help if your new cellphone loses charge or shuts off unexpectedly.
  • Warning Triangles – These will help keep you safe if for some reason you must pull over.
  • Multi-tool – For fixing minor mechanical issues
  • Paper Towels – Spill your soda? Need to check your oil? Paper towels can help you (and your car) stay clean.
  • Duct Tape – From a blown hose to a cracked windshield, duct tape can help you get home or at least to the nearest service station.
  • Maps – There are some places that your satellite navigation simply cannot reach.
  • Spare Key – If you lock yourself out of your car and lose the key, you aren’t doomed! A magnetic key case can store a spare key on the outside of your vehicle.
  • Bucket – A bucket can be used to hold items or to help you transfer water you need to refill the radiator.
  • Owner’s Manual – What does this button do? The Owner’s Manual can answer many basic questions about your car.
  • Garbage Bags – Get caught in the rain on your last hiking adventure? Garbage bags make great seat covers!
  • Gloves – Keep your hands (and car) clean by wearing a pair of gloves while changing a flat tire or checking the oil.

Do you have any other must-have items in your car? Let us know by responding in the comments!

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