Silverado Ad Targets “Cowgirls” and “Tomboys”

The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado has been the talk of the town ever since it was unveiled last December. Now that it’s hit dealerships, the best-selling pickup has spread like wildfire across TV sets, radio stations, and computer screens. The latest advertisement, which follows the same emotional tone set by Chevy’s recent “Strong” ad, is geared toward women, specifically cowgirls and tomboys who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

The ad appeals particularly to equestrians who know the pain of having to tote around their 1,200-pound companions, highlighting the Silverado’s best-in-class towing capacity. At the same time, the advertisement transforms the connection that the equestrian has with her horse—that same connection that many of us have with our own animals—into a connection between her and the Chevy Silverado that she can rely on when she needs it.

“On one trip we were driving over the mountains of Pennsylvania, trailering three horses and 10-days’ worth of feed, hay and luggage weighing a total 15,500 pounds, and [it] never even burped,” commented Jennifer Thompson, a horse veterinarian, in a related press release. “My fellow driver, who owns a Ford F-250, was really jealous.”

But the commercial does more than just demonstrate a Silverado’s usefulness in hauling a horse. It makes it very clear that Chevy understands all of its customers, men and women alike, from their varied but important walks of life—and how a Chevy can fit perfectly into all of them.


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