College Chevy Lets You TuneIn on the Go

Imagine you’re sitting in traffic at rush hour, not even at a crawl. You could be sitting, listening to the same old boring songs you hear every day, at least three times. Or you could be listening to the latest jungle beats of Africa or electronic sounds of European radio. So that users can do just that, Chevy MyLink now allows Spark drivers to connect to a worldwide radio called TuneIn through their smartphones.

TuneIn is a free app that is downloaded to the driver’s smartphone, which is then hooked up to the MyLink system that is standard in all Sparks, as well as the 2013 Sonic, the Spark’s “sister car.” Offering over 70,000 stations, TuneIn gives listeners a variety of music, news, talk, sports, and entertainment. It currently reaches over 40,000,000 listeners in over 230 countries and territories.

Chevrolet says that the TuneIn app will be available with the MyLink during the first quarter of the 2013 sales year. College Chevy is really excited about the addition to the already large number of apps MyLink currently functions with, including Pandora and Stitcher.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to wait until next year to get the actual Spark, though! Come on down to College Chevrolet today and find the perfect Spark for you because, as Chevy knows, there’s a spark in each and every one of us.



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