Chevy Spark Wins the Race with Flying Colors

Imagine chasing down a multicolored Chevy Spark through the city, with thousands of people at your heels, while paint is being flung every which way at you. Now stop imagining, go out, and make it happen. How, you ask? The Color Run.

Just recently, Chevrolet announced a sponsorship with the Color Run. The Color Run is a series of 5K races across the country. What sets the Color Run apart is the fact that at every kilometer, a different color of paint is hurled at you, like you’re running through a gaseous rainbow.


The 5K is run in cities like Brooklyn, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Salt Lake City. Through the end of 2013, as part of the new sponsorship, a Chevy Spark will lead the pack of colorful runners as a pace car. But the Spark won’t be left out of the fun. Oh no! The Spark will transform as well. Already known for its bold color choices, the Spark will outdo itself. Starting from a white base, the car will take on a multicolor design, appearing as if paint has been splattered all over it.

To top it all off, the Color Run and Chevy will be teaming up with charities from each city as they make their way across the country. College Chevy is thrilled about the Chevrolet initiative in this project—a project devoted to giving back, to staying fit, and to having a blast. Stop on by College Chevy today and check out the all-new Chevrolet Spark (in its regular colors, of course). Maybe even take one out for a test drive—as long as you’re not covered in paint, that is!


Video courtesy of thecolorrun via YouTube

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