Celebrities Celebrate the Luxury of Buicks

What do Ving Rhames, Marisa Miller, Peyton Manning, and Shaq all have in common? If you said that they are famous—well, okay, yes, you’re right. But that’s not what we were going for. These beloved celebrities all have appeared in a recent advertising campaign for Buick, featuring cars such as the Verano and the Enclave.

By no means is the fact that the celebrities are in the commercial a reason to go out and drive a Buick. They are just there to catch our attention. It is the affordable luxury of the Buick that really hits the nail on the head. The celebs make sure to point out that the Buicks have features such as power liftgates and Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist, as well as OnStar Turn-by-Turn navigation and all-new IntelliLink features. Plus, Marisa Miller makes sure to point out how good the cars look.


Stop by College Chevrolet Buick today and check out the wide selection of its sleek new models, including the Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse sedans and the Enclave and Encore crossovers. Chances are, if even Shaq can fit into a Buick, then a Buick has definitely got to be a good fit for you.


Image(s) courtesy of © General Motors

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