New GoGo Link Makes Chevy Navigation Fun and Safe

You probably thought you’d seen it all when it came to what your cell phone can do. But the smartphone just got a little bit smarter with some recent technology. Chevy is stepping up its game with its new GoGo Link app, implementing smartphone technology. In a nutshell, this significantly cheaper app can entirely replace (or, in new cars, be put in place of) navigation systems. Drivers can project their smartphone navigation systems directly onto an easy-to-use, large touchscreen built into the dashboard, fully equipped with turn-by-turn voice activated directions, making smartphone navigation easier and safer.

This technology is appealing to every demographic of customer, as more and more people turn to smartphones for their ideal form of communication. Chevy’s subcompact cars—the 2013 Sonic and 2013 Spark—which hit sales floors this summer, will come equipped with the GoGo Link app. GoGo Link is making navigation safer and more affordable and, at the same time, is letting drivers use their favorite piece of technology—the smartphone. Who knows? Maybe someday in the near future the smartphone will be driving the car for us!

To see what the GoGo Link is all about, stop by College Chevrolet Buick and check it out, or watch a demonstration below. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the 2013 Sonic and the 2013 Spark, which will be available this summer.



Video courtesy of Chevrolet via YouTube

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