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    Family-Friendly Accessories for Your Chevrolet or Buick SUV

    Summer is back, and it’s time to gather up the whole family and hit the road. Before you do, why not equip your Chevrolet or Buick SUV with some family-friendly accessories to help you get the most out of your journey? Here are just a few you can pick up from your friends at College Chevrolet Buick in Albion, Michigan.

    Cargo accessories

    One of the least enjoyable things about taking a road trip: packing up your vehicle. But adding handy accessories to your Chevy or Buick SUV can take out some of the hassle. The new 2022 Buick Encore GX offers a range of cargo organization accessories to help you maximize your space, including an integrated cargo liner that saves some of the mess after a day at the lake. Need extra space for your 2022 Chevrolet Equinox? You can get a hitch-mounted COMBI™ Cargo Box by Thule or hitch-mounted Camber™ bike carriers.

    Entertainment options

    If you have a long drive ahead, having the right tools to keep the peace is essential. Accessories for your Chevrolet or Buick SUV help you maintain that calm in the cabin. You can add a Universal Tablet Holder to your Chevy so that the kids have their own headrest-mounted entertainment system, or you can grab KICKER Tabor2 Bluetooth® headphones for your Buick so that everyone can listen to what they want without having the fight over the dial.

    Looking to upgrade your ride before your next great summer adventure? College Chevrolet Buick can help. Visit our showroom and we’ll show you all the cool accessories available for your Chevrolet or Buick SUV.

  • summer car maintenance | Albion, MI

    Summer Car Maintenance Tips

    After a long, cold winter, your Buick or Chevy is ready to come out of hibernation and enjoy the sunshine on the open road. Before you take that long-awaited summer road trip, however, follow our service department’s summer car maintenance tips to ensure you avoid drama on the road.

    Cool Down: Though working air conditioning is important for your comfort as temperatures rise during the summer, the AC is also a vital safety concern. If you get too hot, you can lose your faculties and possibly get into an accident. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick if you need your air conditioning recharged or checked out.

    Tread Lightly: Summer heat is rough on tires, which is why you should always inspect your wheels before going on a long trip. Heat causes friction, which leads to premature tire wear and unexpected blowouts. Make sure your tires are free from punctures, cracks, or bulges, and bring them to College Chevy Buick immediately if they don’t pass your inspection.

    See Clearly: After winter’s dry, frigid temperatures alternating with slushy sleet from the sky, your windshield wipers could probably use a change this summer. Bring your car into College Chevrolet Buick so we can replace your wipers and help you see clearer during summer downpours.

    Call College Chevrolet Buick today to schedule a summer tune-up for your vehicle.

  • Buick Envision interior | Albion, MI

    Buick Envision Interior Hailed for Excellence

    The Buick Envision’s interior was recently hailed for having one of the “Best Interiors Under $50,000” for the 2021 model year. The Envision was featured among nine other models that Autotrader, a respected online automotive resource, described as offering “the most bang for the buck in terms of interior quality.”

    “A redesign for 2021 has repositioned the Envision to compete with class leaders while undercutting them on price,” said Autotrader editor Eric Brandt. “Step inside the new Envision and you might think you’ve entered a more expensive European luxury crossover.”

    Brandt went on to recommend the SUV’s optional dual-pane sunroof, perforated leather seating, and color head-up display. But even without options, the Buick Envision’s interior is easy to love. It has plenty of room for the whole family and up to 52.7 cubic feet of space for groceries and luggage. The driver-centric cockpit, wireless smartphone connectivity features, and built-in Alexa takes intuitive control to another level. Meanwhile, QuietTuning noise-canceling technology ensures you get the best audio experience out of the 9-speaker Bose® sound system.

    If you’ve never sat inside an Envision, visit the College Chevrolet Buick showroom in Albion, Michigan. The sheer level of premium comfort the SUV has to offer may surprise you!

  • General Motors Most Ethical | Albion, MI

    General Motors Named One of World’s Most Ethical Companies

    For the second straight year, the experts at Ethisphere have named General Motors one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. GM earned a spot on the 2021 list thanks in part to its commitment to operating ethically globally and across its dealer network and supply chain.

    “GM’s Code of Conduct sets forth our fundamental commitment to conduct business openly, ethically and honestly, even when it is difficult to do so,” said GM’s chief compliance officer and assistant general council, Michael Ortwein. “The World’s Most Ethical Company designation is external validation of GM’s core principles and yet another instance of GM leading by example on the path to transform the industry.”

    This year, General Motors was the lone automotive industry representative among the World’s Most Ethical Companies. Ethisphere’s list included 135 companies in 2021, representing 47 industries and 22 countries around the world.

    At GM, ethics means always striving to do better. The automaker works with the goal of becoming the world’s most inclusive companies. In addition to diverse hiring practices and strong standards for employees, that commitment includes earmarking $10 million in support of organizations promoting racial justice and inclusion. 

    Ethisphere also considers contributions to the environment in its Ethics Quotient®. General Motors no doubt scored well in this area with its $27 billion commitment to electric and self-driving vehicles, which will help lead to total carbon neutrality by 2040.

    College Chevrolet Buick in Albion is proud to represent a company that does so much for the people of Michigan and the world at large. In addition to being one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, General Motors is one of the world’s most exciting. Check out exciting new vehicles from Chevrolet and Buick at our showroom and see why for yourself.

  • 2022 Buick Enclave | Albion, MI

    The 2022 Buick Enclave is Coming to College Chevrolet Buick

    This fall, the next evolution of the Buick Enclave comes to Albion, Michigan. The new and improved 2022 Enclave is heading to College Chevrolet Buick later this year, and it promises to be one of the brightest stars in the Buick SUV lineup.

    Buick hasn’t said much of anything yet about the Enclave, but the first pictures do a lot of talking on their own. The 2022 Buick Enclave boasts a refreshed design that’s more sumptuous and sophisticated, from its aerodynamic and muscular body to its refined face. Buick makes bold use of lines, creating a three-row premium SUV that feels as if it flows.

    You might notice that the Enclave pictured is the latest iteration of the ultra-premium Avenir trim. The 2022 Buick Enclave Avenir sports a distinctive grille and wheels as well as unique badging. You can expect to learn more about what the next Enclave Avenir has to offer in the weeks and months ahead.

    If you’re as excited about the 2022 Buick Enclave as we are, you can sign up to receive updates from Buick. Once there are more details about this amazing-looking SUV, you’ll find them right here at the College Chevrolet Buick blog.

    In the meantime, if you’re on the hunt for a new ride, the latest Buick Enclave is a beautiful and bold choice. You’ll find the Enclave as well as the latest and best vehicles Buick and Chevy have to offer at our showroom in Albion, Michigan.

  • Chevrolet appearance packages | Albion, MI

    Chevrolet Appearance Packages Now Offered on SUVs

    Late last year, Chevrolet announced it would be expanding popular appearance packages for its SUVs, including Midnight, Sport, and Redline, plus the RS and ACTIV trims. This is due to their wide popularity across the SUVs they have already been offered on.

    For example, about 20 percent of all Chevy Trax SUVs are sold with Midnight and Sport packages, so Chevy has decided to expand Midnight and Sport options to the 2021 Traverse. Now more than half of the Chevy portfolio is available with Midnight (an all-black exterior design) and Sport (sportier exterior design) packages.

    Further, small and midsize SUVs are sold with the RS trim about one-third of the time, including one-third of all Blazers and a quarter of all Trailblazers. Thus, Chevy is expanding the RS trim to the 2022 Equinox, adding a gloss black mesh grille, 19-inch Dark Android wheels, black badging and roof rails, and RS shift knob, red stitching, and more.

    Speaking of red, the Redline is very popular among SUV drivers: 85 percent of all Redline packages were added to Chevy SUVs last year. Chevy is expanding Redline options as a result. The ACTIV trim is also popular on the Trailblazer, so Chevy will continue to offer this trim.

    Chevrolet appearance packages are one of the many ways the brand stands out from the competition. Visit College Chevrolet Buick for a better look at our Midnight Edition models and more.

  • Towing safety tips | Albion, MI

    3 Towing Safety Tips for Your Truck

    One of the best parts about having a pickup truck like the Chevrolet Colorado or Silverado is being able to tow to your heart’s content. Before you set out to use your truck’s muscle to tow a boat, trailer, or pop-up camper, take heed of these three towing safety tips.

    Always take the right steps before you go

    When you’re connecting your trailer to your truck, you’ll want to make sure that everything is in its place and working. From lights and tires to connections, you should always perform a routine check before you take off. Chevrolet makes this easy with its segment-first Advanced Trailering System, which includes customized profiles and a predeparture checklist to ensure your trip is a success.

    Take your time

    One thing you’ll want to absolutely avoid doing while towing is driving over the speed limit. Even if your trip from Albion is a long one, you’ll want to abide by the speed limits and, if necessary, drive even slower. The Chevy Silverado offers ample technology to help keep your trailer secure, including Trailer Sway Control, an integrated trailer brake controller, and new Jack-Knife Alert technology for the 2021 Silverado 1500.

    Use your mirrors

    A key part of your predeparture checklist is making sure that your mirrors are covering as much of your blind spots as possible. Mirrors are crucial for proper, safe towing, so be sure to use them frequently while the vehicle is in operation. The Chevy Silverado gives you added confidence with a class-leading 15 available camera views, including new views like a Trailer Length Indicator and Trailer Angle Indicator with Guidelines.

    If you need tips for towing safety or the right accessories for your Chevy truck, the experts at College Chevrolet Buick in Albion, Michigan, are here to help.

  • future electrification technology | Albion, MI

    Chevy Shows Off Future Electrification Technology

    Chevrolet revealed some exciting future electronification technology at SEMA360. Specifically, the automakers showed off an all-electric 1977 K5 Blazer, demonstrating the impressive functionality of the new Electric Connect and Cruise package.


    The new K5 Blazer-E has all the features drivers appreciate about the Blazer plus new parts from the eCrate package, about 90 percent of which come from the Bolt EV. To create this innovative model, Chevrolet replaced the SUV’s 175-horsepower V8 with the Bolt EV electric motor, which delivers 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque.


    The K5 Blazer-E has a 400-volt Bolt EV battery pack, which still comes with battery heating and cooling, battery-overcharge protection, shock protection, and regenerative braking. Aftermarket components, like an electric pump that provides vacuum to the stock brake system and an electric power steering kit, are also included.


    By unveiling this all-electric model, Chevrolet is adding to the excitement of the Electric Connect and Cruise package, which will be available in late 2021. This package includes a 200-horsepower electric motor, a battery pack, wiring harnesses, water pumps, and more. Chevrolet Performance is also looking to offer other eCrate packages moving forward.


    The upcoming Electric Connect and Cruise package will be a fantastic option if you want to drive a more eco-friendly vehicle. Stay tuned to the College Chevrolet Buick for more updates on new vehicle technologies and features.

  • Multi-Flex Tailgate | Albion, MI

    2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Features New Multi-Flex Tailgate

    The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 features a new Multi-Flex Tailgate. The feature, available on each of the eight trim levels of the 2021 model, has six functions.

    • The primary gate works like a traditional gate. You can operate it via the key fob. A button inside the truck or on the gate also lets you lower it into position.
    • A load stop built-into the primary gate helps secure extra-long items.
    • You can reach further into the bed using the folded-down inner gate.
    • The inner gate boasts a full-width step that can bear the weight of 375 pounds.
    • Second-tier items will stay in place thanks to the inner gate load stop feature.
    • The inner gate seconds as an onsite work surface.

    The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also features upgraded trailering technologies to deliver more safety alerts and comprehensive views of the bed and your trailer.

    Two of the most efficient engines offered in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the 2.7-liter turbo and 3.0-liter Duramax® turbo-diesel engine — allow the 2021 model to tow heavier weights than the 2020 model could.

    The combination of the new Multi-Flex Tailgate, upgraded trailering tech, and greater towing capacities make the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 a versatile, strong, and safe option for work and play.

    Learn more about the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 at College Chevrolet in Albion, Michigan.

  • Road trip in your Chevrolet SUV | Albion, MI

    Take a Road Trip in Your Chevrolet SUV This Fall

    With the COVID-19 pandemic creating challenges for families around Michigan, creativity has been crucial to staying positive and engaged. Chevrolet paired up with The Harris Poll to survey 1,000 Americans, finding that 89 percent are turning to open road to ward off the doldrums of quarantine. This points to planning a road trip in your Chevrolet SUV this fall as a great way to rediscover your passion.

    According to the survey, one in 10 Americans have used the past six months as an excuse to go camping for the first time. Forty-one percent say they’ve gotten into their vehicles and gone somewhere they’ve never been before. Activities like hiking, fishing, and visiting a national park were particularly popular, with 20 percent saying they’ve visited their first national park this year.

    If a road trip sounds right up your alley this fall, there’s a Chevrolet SUV that’s fit for adventure. The all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban have both recently arrived at College Chevrolet Buick in Albion, Michigan, and both are ideal candidates for family-friendly journeys.

    The Harris Poll noted that more than half of the respondents wish they had more cargo room for their road trip. The all-new Tahoe and Suburban are both best-in-class on this front with a respective 122.9 cubic feet and 144.7 cubic feet of storage volume. The 2021 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban also offer desired amenities like a Rear-Seat Media System and standard driver-assist safety technology.

    Fall is a beautiful time of year around Michigan, so don’t let it slip through your fingers. Taking a family road trip in your Chevrolet SUV, whether it’s the all-new 2021 Tahoe or Suburban or a high-quality Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned, is just the trick to helping you appreciate the good things around you. College Chevrolet Buick is here to help — call or email to schedule your test drive or your next service visit on your current vehicle.