• New Chevrolet Bolt EV Production Starting by 2017

    2015 Chevrolet Spark EV
    2015 Chevy Spark EV

    The Bowtie brand has come up with a new EV model that should knock Tesla off its perch atop the EV world. Chevy already has the Spark and Volt EVs in its lineup, but the new Chevrolet Bolt EV will bring Chevy’s EV technology to a bigger market than ever before. The Bolt started life as a concept, revealed just last month, and now is already slated for production to hit the market by 2017.

    “The message from consumers about the Bolt EV concept was clear and unequivocal: Build it,” said Batey. “We are moving quickly because of its potential to completely shake up the status quo for electric vehicles.”

    Here’s how the Bolt EV will shake up that status quo: it will have a 200 mile range, a starting price of $30,000, and more. Those numbers make it affordable and practical for people from coast-to-coast, not just in California.

    Of course, there’s a whole lot we still don’t know when it comes to the Bolt EV, but we do know Chevrolet Bolt EV production will take place at the Orion Assembly facility in Detroit. We also know it will have several driving modes; it will work with DC fast charging technology; and, it will sport progressive and stylish design elements. Share your thoughts about the upcoming Bolt with us at College Chevrolet Buick.

  • Chevrolet Enhances Batteries in their EV Lineup

    Chevrolet Enhances Batteries
    2014 Chevy Spark EV

    Chevrolet is making some changes when it comes to their electric vehicle lineup by expanding its battery manufacturing assembly plant in Brownstown, Michigan. Going forward, Chevrolet will be manufacturing the batteries for the 2015 Spark EV at their growing plant. This movement was made possible by Chevrolet’s extensive partnership with LG Chem.

    With the new plant, comes a new and improved battery system. The all-new battery system will weigh 474 lbs which is 86 lbs lighter than previous models. The battery will have a capacity of 19 kWh and will use 192 lithium ion cells. Although the battery is getting smaller, the 2015 Spark EV will maintain its 119 MPGe and EPA-estimated 82 mpg.

    Other batteries being built at this facility include those for the Cadillac ELR, Chevy Volt, and Opel Ampera. Chevrolet hopes to streamline all of its EVs to be more efficient and more easily produced than ever. The 2015 Chevy Spark EV is available now at an MSRP of only $19,995 and also includes full federal incentives.

    As a Michigan based Chevy dealer, we are proud that GM is investing money into our home state. If you would like to know more about the Brownstown Battery Assembly plant, or the 2015 Chevy Spark EV stop by Chevrolet’s Newsroom!

  • 2015 Spark Gets a New Battery

    2015 Spark Gets a New Battery
    Current Chevy Spark

    We all know the Chevy Spark EV as being one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. This hatchback has the ability to go 82 miles on a fully charged battery which saves you a lot of money at the pump. For the 2015 model year, the Spark is getting a smaller more refined battery which will save drivers kWh and will also shed a few pounds from the EV. Chevrolet says that the performance specs of the Spark EV will remain unchanged.

    Currently the Spark EV uses a 21-kWh lithium-ion battery assembled by Brownstown. For the 2015 model year, the Spark is getting a 19-kWh battery system that will use 192 LG Chem cells. LG Chem cells are used in other GM EVs like the Volt and its luxurious sister, the ELR. The great news is that the all-new Spark will still qualify for the $7,500 tax credit and its suggested retail price will remain the same for 2015: $26,685 plus destination.

    If you would like to know more about the up-and-coming 2015 Spark EV, stop by Chevrolet’s website. We’re sure that the 2015 Spark will be available in limited quantities so be sure to sign up for availability updates.

  • GM Names Mary Barra as CEO

    After a great comeback from the economic downturn, Dan Akerson announced his retirement from the CEO position as of January 15th. He will be succeeded by Mary Barra who is currently GM’s head of global product development. Barra will be the first woman ever to be named CEO of a major U.S automaker.

    Barra has big plans when it comes to the future of the company and Akerson says that a woman in the CEO position will be good for the company as a whole. With increased company diversity comes fresh new ideas.

    Mary Barra is from Michigan and is the daughter of a GM tool-and-die maker. People who know her personally, say that she is very down to earth and remains true to her Michigan roots. She has been a part of the GM family since 1980.

    As a Chevrolet and Buick dealership in Michigan, we are excited that GM’s new CEO comes from our state! We look forward to everything she plans on bringing to the table. To learn more about Mary Barra and her journey to the top, check out USA today or Car and Driver.

  • GM Executives Tease “Possible” Buick Flagship

    While GM has been busy working on a Cadillac flagship sedan—most likely to be called the LTS, a name recently trademarked by GM—they might also be preparing a flagship vehicle for the Buick brand. Mark Reuss, President of GM for North America, first teased the idea in a recent interview with Forbes. Reuss discussed how GM could close gaps in their overall automobile lineup; when the idea of a Buick flagship surfaced, he hinted that it could be “a much more beautiful Panamera.”

    While CEO Dan Akerson wants to be careful that a Buick flagship doesn’t step on the toes of the Cadillac brand’s resurgence, even he admitted that Buick could “probably” use a new flagship. Reuss, for his part, told Auto News that “something special for Buick, I think, is really needed for the next phase of where that brand is going.”

    Regardless of if and when Buick might add a flagship to its lineup, one thing remains clear: GM continues its commitment to strengthening Buick’s status as a powerful global brand. With a strong lineup of products like the Encore and Regal in North America—and sister vehicles like the Opel Mekka in Europe—Buick is well positioned to continue its brand resurgence. Come in to College Chevrolet Buick today and test drive one of the Buicks in our inventory today.

  • Buick Going Global

    The Buick Encore is a hit across the United States, Canada and is also showing promise in Europe. In Europe, the Encore is known as the Opel Mokka. The European version has a few minor trim changes. GM is hoping that the Buick Brand can go global into the future following Chevrolet and Cadillac’s footsteps.

    Overall the Opel Mokka looks similar to the Encore. Both are in the compact crossover group, come in a 4-cylinder engine and have an all-wheel drive option. The Opel Mokka is also available with a diesel engine.

    Both the Encore and Mokka have enough seating for five passengers and offer a unique design, capable engines and smart technologies. These are all features that markets around the world are looking for. The Buick Encore has had excellent reviews here in the United States, GM is hoping for the same in the European and even the Asian markets.

    College Chevrolet is proud to carry the Buick Encore, Opel Mokka’s experienced sister. To learn more about the Buick Encore or another member of the Buick family, stop by College Chevrolet and talk to an experienced Sales Representative today!

  • Akerson’s Corvette Up for Grabs

    How often do you get the chance to buy the beloved ’58 Corvette off the General Motors Chairman and CEO, knowing that all your money will go toward building houses for the homeless? One lucky person will get to do just that in January when Dan Akerson auctions off his most prized possession.

    Akerson will donate every single penny made from the auction, held on January 18, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona. And where will the money go? Straight to Habitat for Humanity Detroit, with which Akerson has had a long relationship. Just last February, he and his wife donated one million bucks to aid in launching “Leaders to Rebuild Detroit.”


    The proceeds from the ’58 Vette will help in the effort to rebuild Morningside Commons, which is located just east of GM’s Renaissance Center world headquarters in Detroit.

    “The 1958 Corvette is pure American ingenuity and creativity and the free spirit that Chevrolet represents to me. I love the car – but I think it’s probably better purposed somewhere else,” Akerson said. “The need for Habitat for Humanity is so great that I thought, ‘Wow, maybe I could really make a difference in a whole different way.’”

    We at College Chevrolet Buick couldn’t agree more. We are honored to work for Mr. Akerson and applaud his efforts to make the world a better place.