• Artistically Inspired

    As a company Buick prides itself on high-quality luxury vehicles, with brilliant interior and exterior styling, a plethora of safety features, innovative technology, and superior performance and comfort.

    It should come as no surprise that Buick’s unique and elegant designs are inspired by some of the greatest artist of our time. In an effort to showcase some of its signature style while highlighting some of Detroit’s most influential artists, Buick embarked on a design tour. The tour shows of some brilliant works of art that helped inspire amazing vehicles.

    The tour includes Detroit area artists like Gream White, Adam Shirley, Andy Kem and Bryan Baker.



    Video courtesy of Buick via YouTube

  • Artistic First: The Chevy Sonic

    The Chevy Sonic is known for its many firsts. First vehicle to kick flip and first to bungee jump. Well here’s another one to add to the list. The Sonic teams up with amazing street artist, Jeff Soto and a brick wall and what comes next is a masterpiece. Soto breaks down how the collaboration between man and machine worked to create this imagery. You can expect more first from the Sonic, because we’re sure this is just the beginning.



    Video courtesy of Chevrolet via YouTube