• See the Future with OnStar Proactive Alerts

    2016 Chevy Equinox InteriorChevrolet wants to help you catch problems in your vehicle before they happen. And now, that’s possible, thanks to OnStar Proactive Alerts.

    Chevy is the first automaker in the industry to develop this kind of technology, similar to the technology used in a Boeing 787. In the jet, in-flight messages can be sent to ground crews that alert them of parts that need inspection before the plane hits the ground.

    OnStar Proactive alerts work similarly, by continuously monitoring the health of the starter motor, fuel pump, and 12-volt battery. If anything isn’t functioning as it should, you’ll get an alert from OnStar instructing you to take your car in for service.

    Currently, this predictive technology is available to OnStar subscribers who own a 2016 Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, and Equinox.

    “With Proactive Alerts, we now can offer customers even greater peace-of-mind of taking the guesswork out of when to service their vehicle,” said Steve Hollan, chief technologist for Vehicle Health Management at General Motors.

    With these updates, you’ll get alerts on your vehicle’s health every time your car is started, and while you’re driving.

    Now behind the wheel, you’ll be able to fix your car before you even notice something’s wrong!

  • Silverado Special Ops Concept to Be Released as Limited Edition

    The SEMA Show is typically an event for automobile manufacturers to play around with their lineup and exhibit the most off-the-wall concepts their minds can conceive.

    One of Chevrolet’s entries this past SEMA Show was the Navy-inspired Silverado Special Ops Concept, which bore a more aggressive appearance paired with a blue camouflage paint job. Now, the Silverado Special Ops has been confirmed for production, with Chevy stating that the truck will be released in limited quantities.

    The SEMA concept version of the Silverado Special Ops truck was based on the Chevy Silverado Z71 model, which is optimized for off-roading capabilities. Paired with 20-inch wheels, off-road tires, the custom paint job, and an LED light bar, the Special Ops pickup is headed for production as an optional trim level package for the base Silverado.

    2016 Chevy Silverado 1500
    Current Chevy Silverado 1500 Available at College Chevy!

    The Silverado Special Ops concept was conceived as a tribute to Chevrolet’s sponsorship of the Army-Navy football team and was shown at the big game. For each unit of the Special Ops model sold, Chevy pledges to donate a portion of the proceeds toward the National Navy SEAL Museum. Get yours at College Chevrolet Buick.

  • Chevy Vehicles Most-Searched According to 2015 Google Year in Search

    2015 is over, and while the average person is looking forward to leaving the past behind and improving themselves, many companies like Google are analyzing and evaluating the previous year’s data. That’s where the 2015 Google Year in Search comes in. Employees behind the wildly popular search engine take a look at the year’s most popular searches and reveal this information to the public.

    This year, Google revealed that two Chevrolet vehicles—the Malibu and the Silverado—were the most-searched cars in the automotive industry.

    2016 Chevy Malibu
    2016 Chevy Malibu

    That’s not the only good news for Chevy, either. While the Chevrolet Malibu was the most-searched car and the Chevrolet Silverado was the most popular truck, four vehicles total made Google’s top ten list. The Colorado and the Camaro also made the list, in eighth and fourth place respectively. Chevrolet said the data is an excellent sign, as consumers are displaying a large amount of interest in the products of the company.

    The world is shifting into a more digital age. Google Year in Search results are indicative of a wide-ranging demographic of potential buyers. The data collected by the search engine also showed that 69% of customers were more influenced by YouTube ads than any other advertising campaign, including television commercials.

  • The Big Difference: Chevy’s G80 Locking Rear Differential

    When it comes to staying on the road, Chevy’s G80 locking rear differential is the big difference in all of the brand’s trucks—and it’s been around for a lot longer than you think!

    The G80 locking axle has been a staple in Chevy’s truck lineup for more than 40 years and has proved year in and year out that it will keep you safe on the road. No matter what the weather condition or terrain you’re traveling through, Chevy trucks will get the job done.

    2015 Silverado 1500
    2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Available at College Chevy!

    The G80 technology reacts automatically when one wheel starts to spin, allowing both rear wheels to move at the same speed, ensuring maximum traction on the road.

    Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer said, “The G80 locking axle provides a greater traction advantage than limited-slip differentials in most situations, while its automatic engagement requires no driver involvement, unlike some competitors’ electronic lockers, which require driver activation.”

    To experience the Chevy truck difference for yourself, come visit College Chevrolet Buick.

  • Chevrolet Helps Veterans Return to Civilian Life

    Chevrolet helps VeteransHere at College Chevrolet Buick, we are proud to support our nation’s veterans. Chevrolet helps veterans as well with a wide variety of programs to support them as they return to civilian life. One program that Chevrolet supports is the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans.

    Each year, this hand cycle team competes in numerous marathons across the country. Since the beginning of October, the team has completed an impressive four marathons, including the New York City Marathon.

    At last year’s Army-Navy football game, Chevrolet donated a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado High Country truck to the team. This truck helps transport the team’s equipment from city to city. Now that the team is on a break until January, the truck will still keep up its duties by taking the hand cycles to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland once a month to help wounded soldiers find an outlet through athletic activities.

    In addition to the numerous veterans programs, Chevrolet also provides a military discount to eligible service men and women. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn how you can take advantage of this service.

  • An Interesting Twist to the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado’s Quality Testing

    Chevrolet Silverado's Quality Testing
    2015 Chevrolet Silverado

    Needless to say, when you buy a truck, you want durability. You want toughness. You want to see someone try to twist it like a pretzel and watch it live to see another day. GM set up a test did just that, called the Frame Twist. And, the Silverado passed with flying colors.

    Adding credibility, the Chevrolet Silverado’s quality testing was actually conducted by a third-party: AMCI Testing.  Photos from GM Authority clearly show what the test is all about.  The 2015 Chevrolet Silverado was pitted against the Ford F-250 Super Duty. The two trucks were driven up onto uneven ramps, so the rear right side of each truck was just hanging off. GM Authority noted, “This position places a large amount of torque on the frame and is similar to parking a truck on an uneven surface.”

    The F-250 suffered .94 inches of twist while the Silverado suffered only .26 inches. Apparently, the F-250 was so twisted that testers couldn’t lower the tailgate.

    GM attributes the Silverado’s superior performance to the use of high-strength steel and roll-formed steel in its frame.

    Come out to College Chevrolet Buick and test-drive an untwisted Silverado today!

  • Silverado Wins against Competition in Frame Twist Test

    frame twist test
    2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

    Now we don’t want to brag, but we have some information we think you should know as you consider purchasing your heavy duty pickup. Oh, who are we kidding? The fact that our 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD can “one-up” the Ford F-250 Super Duty in a frame twist test gives us bragging rights that we at College Chevrolet Buick will be claiming all year.

    Chevrolet hired AMCI Testing as a third-party research firm to test the ability of the two truck frames to withstand intense twisting.

    The pickups were driven onto uneven ramps where the distance of displacement between the cab and the bed was measured. The Silverado’s displacement was measured at 0.26 inches while the F-250 measured at 0.94 inches. The Silverado’s EZ-Lift and Lower tailgate was able to function normally under the pressure. We can’t say the same for the other guy.

    “The use of high-strength steel in the Silverado HD is what allows the Silverado to handle even the toughest of jobs,” said Jeff Luke, GM’s executive chief engineer for full-size trucks. “Paired with a fully boxed frame, high-strength steel is what makes the Silverado come from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.”

    Which frame would you choose?

  • Silverado Toughnology Concept Promises Strong, Connected Future for Chevy Trucks

    Silverado Toughnology Concept
    2015 Chevy Silverado HD

    It looks like the much-touted 2015 F-150 finally has its foil. But, instead of turning to aluminum for toughness (which still seems like an oxymoron here at College Chevrolet Buick), the all-new Silverado Toughnology Concept has simply employed a more effective, efficient, and even stronger version of steel. It’s a high-strength steel instead of simple carbon steel, and it makes the Silverado Toughnology Concept a formidably capable machine– not just cause of its awesome appearance, either.

    “The technology of advanced high-strength steel makes the Chevrolet Silverado stronger, lighter, more capable and more efficient – and that’s exactly what the Toughnology concept represents,” said Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer. “During the Silverado’s development, we evaluated all materials and chose those that would provide the best strength to support capability while still delivering a strong value to customers. High-strength steel had clear advantages and is a contributor to the overall package that made Silverado the 2014 North American Truck of the Year.”

    However, the technological updates aren’t just in this truck’s bones, though. The new prototype also features OnStar 4G LTE connectivity, which allows you to get on the internet via a local, built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Check out the pictures of the Toughnology Concept online, then come see us to check out the Silverado for yourself today.

  • Longhorns Run Deep with New Chevy University of Texas Special Edition Silverado

    Chevrolet has potentially created the most amazing souvenir yet. The brand is launching a Chevy University of Texas (UT) Special Edition Silverado. For $795, you can get the truck in Sunset Orange Metallic paint–matching the school’s iconic Burnt Orange–with Longhorn logos on the tailgate and bed sides, and a set of chrome steps.

    “It’s part of Chevrolet’s ongoing sponsorship of the university, and a savvy marketing move given the school’s rabid fan base” reflects Fox News. UT has over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students and nearly 100,000 paying members contributing to the Texas Exes alumni association. According to the Collegiate Licensing Company, the school has been number one in merchandise sales for eight years straight.

    Not surprisingly, the Texas Edition Silverado is only sold in Texas right now, but the UT package will become available nationwide starting in October, just in time for tailgating season.

    Chevy University of Texas Special Edition Silverado

    Get ready for your next tailgate with a new Chevy from College Chevrolet Buick!

  • Meet the Chevy Silverado Rally Edition

    The Chevy Silverado Rally was recently introduced and boy it packs a punch! The Rally Edition comes standard with a 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V-6 engine that makes 285-horsepower and 305-lb.-ft. of torque. You may also opt for an even more powerful 5.3-liter Ecotec3 V-8 that makes 355-horsepower. No matter which engine size you choose, you will surely stand out from the other pickups on the road. There will be two different Rally Editions to choose from Rally 1 and Rally 2.

    The Rally 1 will come in two different packages.

    The Rally 1 LT features:

    • Black door handles and mirror caps
    • Black bowtie
    • Body-colored grille
    • 17-inch aluminum wheels
    • Locking rear differential and trailering package
    • Backup camera

    The Rally 1 LS features:

    • Body-colored grille
    • Black bowtie
    • Black door handles and mirror caps
    • Two black Rally stripes

    The Rally 2 features:

    • 22-inch black alloy wheels
    • Twin black Rally stripes on the hood and tailgate
    • Black mirror caps and door handles
    • Black tubular side steps

    Double cab versions will be available for order on September 4th and crew cabs will be available in October. Stop by College Chevy next week to place an order!