How would the Corvette Stingray affect you?

Chevrolet doesn’t only want to know what the Corvette Stingray can handle from drivers; they want to know what drivers can handle from the Stingray. Chevrolet brought together five drivers from across the world with different backgrounds to test drive the Stingray in a closed road setting.

The drivers were hooked up to sensors that recorded their biometric data. Chevrolet tested their heart rate, brain activity and respiration before and during their test drive of the all-new Corvette. A couple of the drivers were fearful before driving the Stingray, but once they were actually in the car their fear turned to confidence.

It’s no doubt that the Stingray will get your heart pumping due to either its beautifully sculpted exterior or its state of the art performance (or both!), but the Stingray can also comfort you with its hand crafted interior comfort and precise handling. The Stingray truly is one of a kind.

How would the Corvette Stingray affect you? Would you feel completely comfortable with all of the horsepower? Or would you feel nervous? Let us know in the comment section below. Also be sure to check out the video from Chevrolet’s YouTube Channel. To see all five drivers’ Biometric Screening videos, check out Autoblog’s article.

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