Car Care Tips from Certified Service Experts

We all know car care is important to keep your Chevy or Buick running properly. To help with this GM has enlisted the help of certified service experts to explain how you can get maximum performance and life from your vehicle.

First will explore how to check properly check your oil. Maintaining an accurate oil level is important for the life of your engine. Chevrolet certified service expert, Chris Crosby explains how you can check your oil.

For an insight on Buick certified service, we turn to Dave Campbell. He’ll discuss things to look for when replacing your tires. As always feel free to contact College Chevrolet Buick with any questions you have about your vehicle. Give us a call at 517-680-4269 or contact us by clicking here.

Replacing your tires isn’t always the first option. By knowing how to take care of your tires you can keep them on the road a bit longer. Here’s Kathleen Murawski with tips to improve your tire life.

GM vehicles are known for their safety, and one of the most fundamental safety features on a vehicle are the brakes. Marty Rosol, a Buick certified service expert, breaks down brakes and break pads.

We hope these car care tips prove useful to you in getting the most from your car, truck, or SUV. Feel free to give us a call any time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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