Keep Your Car Clean This Spring

It seems like it took a little while, but spring has finally sprung around here. And while that means “hot dogs, peanuts, apple pie, and Chevrolet”, it also means keeping your car clean.

Through pollen and mud, dirt and grime, now is the time to prepare your garage with cleaning supplies to take care of your car.

Keeping your vehicle clean is about more than washing the exterior, there’s plenty of dirt on the inside, too.  So we’ll start with some interior car cleaning tips.

1. Make sure you clean everything you touch.  This means everything, steering wheel, seat belt fastener, audio controls, turn signals, seats, etc. These areas can build up dirt quickly, so spend a little extra time on these areas.

2. It’s all about TLC. You may not clean your interior as often as you’d like, but when you do, don’t go overboard. Powerful solvents and hard scrubbing can do more damage than the dirt your working to remove.

3.  Brush it out. Debris and dirt lodged in fabric can be difficult to remove. To loosen things up, use a stiff brush before vacuuming.


Know that we’ve got you started on the interior let’s move to the exterior.

1. Wash from top down. Not only do you want to wash your car in sections, it’s best to wash from the top down. This way dirt doesn’t trickle down on to the freshly washed parts of your car.

2. Made in shade. In the warmer months not only is it more comfortable to wash your car in the shade it’s better for your car too. The sun can cause soap and water to dry too quickly and leaving spots, which wear on your paint over time.

3. Clean inside and out for maximum visibility. Both sides of your windows need to be cleaned properly for real clarity. And not with the same soap used on your exterior. Grab the glass cleaner and some paper towels, then buff with a 100% cotton towel.

These tips should get you started on the right path to a clean car spring. Keep checking out the College Chevrolet Buick blog for more tips and insights on car care.

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