Let’s Enjoy the Road Together

If you’ve checked out our Facebook page or Twitter timeline lately, you know April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. It’s important to stay focused on the road and your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel not only for your own safety, but the safety of others.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid distracted driving.

  • Put down your phone. And leave it down until you reach your destination.
  • Keep your music at a reasonable volume. You should still be able to hear a person talking in a normal tone.
  • Limit the number of passengers for young/inexperienced drivers.

While these are things you should always do while driving we want to put extra emphasis on them this month.

But the road isn’t limited to just motor vehicles.

Endurance athlete and RAAM competitor, Kathy Roche-Wallace provided us with some things to for drivers and cyclist to keep in mind while on the road.


  • Remember that cyclist have a right to the road and be aware that they are on the road.
  • Cyclist are often moving a much faster pace than you might anticipate, be extremely cautious when trying to pass or turn.
  • When passing, keep at least three feet between your vehicle and a cyclist.


  • Obey the rules of the road, just as expect of motor vehicles.
  • Keep riding to two across or single file. Avoid riding three abreast.
  • Make yourself visible to drivers by wearing a light or reflector.
  • Always wear a helmet.


According to the official U.S. Government website for distracted driving “18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected crashes” and “40% of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger”. These are numbers that we can control and reduce. College Chevrolet Buick hopes that you will take our advice, and that of Mrs. Roche-Wallace, limit distractions while behind the wheel.

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