Mark Your Calander: 2014 Chevy Camaro SS

Chevrolet has done some major design changes in the past 2 years. From Silverado to Traverse, Impala to Corvette, and even bringing out the new SS, but on March 27th at 12:45 the redesigned Chevy Camaro SS will be on display.

The fifth-generation Camaro has been the most popular sports car in America for three consecutive years, a large part of this may be attributed to the Camaro’s debut in the blockbuster hit Transormers.

This edition of the Chevy Camaro is scheduled to be the most significant change to the fifth-gen Camaro. A quick teaser image of the 2014 Camaro SS is below, but we it would be a shame to mention the Camaro without mentioning its legacy.


Camaros are built to an incredibly high standard. The name itself sparks images of speed and performance. Camaro has become synonymous with precision and power. It is to these expectations that Camaros are built and judged. Chevrolet has done a magnificent job building on the image of the Camaro that was created long ago and we can’t wait to see what they’ve done with newest Chevy Camaro.
For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this Camaro’s Greatest Hits video circa 2012.

Images Courtesy of © General Motors

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