Go Kathy Go – Race Across America

To those unfamiliar with cycling, riding 3,000 miles in a maximum of 12 days may seem like a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry, your assumptions are correct; Race Across America (RAAM) is a daunting task and Marshall’s Kathy Roche-Wallace is up for the challenge and College Chevrolet Buick is tagging along to help.


Many are familiar with the more publicized Tour de France, but RAAM is not to be confused with the Tour.  There are no stages, it’s a race. Once that clock starts in California, it doesn’t stop until you cross the finish line in Maryland. That’s right, California to Maryland in 12 days. Did we mention RAAM is about 30% longer than the Tour de France and you have about half as many days to finish?

Now that we’ve offered a bit of insight into what Kathy will be facing this June, why don’t we give you a little background on what she’s already accomplished?

Let’s start with the RAAM, in 2011 Kathy set the solo female 50+ course record in her first year participating in the event(RAAM is now in its 31st year).

Kathy is a 5-time USA Ultra Triple Ironman Triathlon World Competition women’s division winner. She has also won as part of a two-person co-ed team.

Not to mention she was an All-American and holds several records at Olivet College, just to name a few accomplishments.

To aid Kathy during the race we’re providing Kathy and her team 2 vehicles, a follow vehicle to keep Kathy on the right path and a support vehicle that will house important equipment, food, clothing, etc for the nearly two week journey. Make sure to check out GoKathyGo.com for more of Kathy’s accomplishments, and be sure to keep checking our blog for more information on Kathy Roche-Wallace and her journey toward another Race Across America!

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