Buick Helps Students Achieve their Dreams

Are you a high school student getting ready to graduate or a college student—or an overly giving parent of a college student—already too familiar with how expensive a college education is? College Chevrolet Buick is here to help.

Now through February 28th (at 5 p.m. EST, to be specific), Buick will be receiving applications for the Buick Achievers Scholarship, funded by the General Motors Foundation. In its first two years, the program awarded over $12 million to students pursuing majors in information technology, design, engineering, and business. This will be the third year that the scholarships will be awarded to 1,100 hardworking students.

1,000 students will receive a one-time, nonrenewable scholarship for $2,000. An additional 100 students—recognized as being the most distinguished and persevering entrants—will receive scholarships up to $25,000 a year, renewable for four years (or five, depending on the engineering program the student is in).

Buick Achievers Scholarship

Since the scholarship program began, over 2,000 students have received award money, represented by all 50 states. 120 military veterans have received the financial aid, and a surprising and heartening 1,000 students who are the first in their families to attend college have merited the award.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, enter for the 2013 year by February 28th! Stop by College Chevrolet Buick for details.

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