Chevrolet Unveiling Some Big News

College Chevrolet Buick is incredibly excited for the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. Chevrolet has promised to unveil some pretty exciting updates, both for the Spark and for the MyLink infotainment system. All-in-all, Chevrolet will be launching 13 new or significantly redesigned products in 2013, including the Spark EV and the updated MyLink.

The Spark EV will be a plug-in electric version of the minicar that took the world by storm this year. Already known for its positive environmental impact and its bold style, the Spark will be stepping up its game. The EV version will allow avid environmentally-minded customers to be even better stewards to the earth while still maintaining the beloved roomy interior and expressive design of the original Spark.


The MyLink, already praised for its capabilities, will see some improvements as well. The 2014 Impala will be the first vehicle to house the new MyLink. The updated infotainment system will feature new levels of personalization and more seamless smartphone integration.

Keep checking back with College Chevy. We’ll be sure to let you know all about the all-new Spark EV, the enhanced MyLink system, and anything else that Chevrolet has cooking up in the kitchen!

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