60 Years of Corvettes

Are you able to pick a Corvette out of a line-up just by looking at the body design? If you can, that is no accident. The iconic Chevy is on the verge of being 60 years old, and through all six generations, the Corvette has been designed to have a visual connection to its predecessors.

Tom Peters, GM performance vehicle design director, said, “Every generation of Corvette has had a signature look, as the Corvette changed to reflect the high-performance technology and design of the times. However, each generation of Corvette shares some common elements which create a consistent Corvette theme that is expressive, distinctly American, artful, and passionate.”

Even though the newest ‘Vette, the 2013 427 Convertible, doesn’t share a single component with the original 1953 Corvette, the two are obviously related.

Some of the common elements of this Chevy are proportion, a waterfall effect, dual cockpit architecture, a bodyside cove, and the tail design.

Peters also stated, “Corvette designers have often looked to fighter planes for inspiration. You can see that aerospace influence in the Corvette’s low, wide stance, proportionately small cockpit, and how the body is wrapped around the mechanical components.”

Image(s) courtesy of © General Motors

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